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Evening of mediumship online

Welcome to our online evening of mediumship with medium Angie Farthing, good friend of our church. We hope for personal messages for you from your loved ones in the Spirit world. Everyone very welcome, whether you've been before or not. Please send us an email to colchesterSNUchurch@gmail.com and we will send you the meeting invite for Zoom

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Church CLOSED for foreseeable future due to coronavirus. We must follow government guidelines and also have a duty not to ask anyone to take extra risks. If you would like the church healers to ask Spirit for healing for you or your loved ones, please contact us on ColchesterSNUchurch@gmail.com Thank you.

Healing cancelled for foreseeable future

Healing on Tuesdays is CANCELLED until further notice. This is due to coronavirus as healer and patient usually sit close and some of our healers are older and have health conditions. Please let us know if you would still like healing and our healers will ask for (absent) healing for you from Spirit. Thank you for your understanding.

Divine Service this Sunday at 6.30pm

This Sunday evening the demonstration of mediumship (clairvoyance) is by very good friend of our church and organiser of all sorts of spiritual activities, medium Lynda Oldham. Come and sing and pray with us and receive spiritual healing for yourself and your loved ones. No entry fee, but we are very grateful if you can afford a voluntary donation to keep the lights on! We hope you will get a message from a loved one who has passed on to the higher life, hope to see you there.