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Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you die? Most people have.

Many have come to an interesting conclusion: a BBC survey in 2017 found 46% of people did believe in a life after death, and 46% don’t.

Do you know anything about Spiritualism?

At a Spiritualist Church you can learn that you are not just your physical body – but rather you are mind and spirit. You do not have a soul or spirit, you are spirit.

It is your spirit, sometimes called your soul, which animates or brings life to your physical body. This spirit is immortal and leaves your physical body at death. It’s perhaps a bit like leaving behind a worn-out shirt or jumper that is no longer useful.

Spiritualism doesn’t ask you to have faith of any kind. We don’t ask you to accept the authority of a supernatural being of some sort. Spirits are absolutely natural.

There is no ancient scripture that you must accept. Rather, mediums offer evidence for you to assess and judge for yourself. And, if you like, to keep re-assessing and deciding for yourself.

At Colchester Spiritualist Church you can attend our Sunday divine service where a medium gives people messages from spirit, from your loved ones who have passed over to spirit, and/or come to our Thursday evening demonstrations of mediumship, which gives the medium(s) more time.

On Tuesdays during the day we offer spiritual healing to anyone who wants to come, for any reason of physical or mental or emotional issues for themselves or for a loved one. All Spiritualist work is done in and for love, there are no “devils” or evil ideas involved.

You can book (and you usually have to pay a small amount) for a private sitting with a medium, there are workshops and special events, sometimes with nationally-known mediums.

We also offer, on alternate Monday nights, a development circle for you to develop your natural spiritual abilities and a meditation circle which can both relax you and open your heart.

We don’t mind if you have any other religious belief, or none, so long as you are respectful of the other people present. We think, guided by spirit, that the knowledge that we all live on in a better, higher place after death is very important for people to know, and brings invaluable comfort to those who have lost someone dear. So we want more people to come and hear what spirit has to offer them, everyone is welcome, for whatever reason you come.

Spiritualism can’t promise to find you what you are looking for, but for many people who have heard convincing evidence for them personally it is certainly “glad tidings” certainly it can be life-changing knowledge. 

We are affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union, the SNU, where you will find much more information, ideas, history, resources and links, all at www.snu.org.uk

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